Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fellow Bloggers!

I haven't posted in awhile, so I have been playing catch up today! I posted about 12 new posts today, so keep on reading! :) You may have to go into older posts to see them all. :)

Max graduated? From preschool!

Thanks Miss Denise & Miss Heather!

Temple Square with Amy!

We have a family friend who lives in California. Amy works in the mortgage industry with Casey and every once in awhile she comes out for work, and we get to have her stay with us. My kids adore her, and I love her too. She is a lot of fun. This trip we were able to take her to Temple Square and to the Conference Center. We also took her to see the Joseph Smith movie which she described as "interesting". :) We love teaching her about our faith and why we believe in the gospel, and she always listens and respects our values, and we really appreciate her. Thanks for the fun time again! We will see you in September!

All Black!

Maddux is on this kick lately of dressing herself in one color. She will wear all green one day, all red one day, this day it was all black, it is hard to tell, but she has shorts on with knee high church stockings, and it made me laugh to see this outfit! She cracks me up!

We Love Grandma & Grandpa!

Thanks for letting us come visit on Sunday! We love you!

Happy Birthday Nate & Porter!

We feel very fortunate to have such fun neighbors! We love hanging out with them. Cy has his buddies Nate, Porter, & Matthew that all live around the cul-de-sac, so although Cy has no sisters, he still has a lot of "boy" time. We had fun and Nate & Porter's birthday party!

Mother's Day

We had a great Mother's Day! We had Casey's family over for a BBQ and we always have fun when they are around. I want to also say how much my mom means to me! I love you so much and you have been my best friend my whole life! I am grateful to have such a wonderful mom! I am also grateful to be a mom!

The Eagles Concert

This concert was so AWESOME! These guys are sixty-ish and can still sing like crazy! They had so much energy and have so many classic songs, it was a blast. We were able to go with Casey's dad Mike and his wife Lori, and also Casey's Uncle Kelly and his girlfriend Janet. We had a great time! Thanks for the fun date Casey!

Congratulations Waynsh!

Congratulations to my sister Kaysha for graduating with HONORS from SUU. I am very proud of her. She is a single mom who has been working and doing school for 4 years and I am so excited that she has finished her degree. She amazes me! I wish I could have been to the graduation, but thanks for the fun BBQ! We loved having you here. I wish I would have taken pics at the BBQ!


Introducing the sweet & tiny baby Morgan! She is beautiful and we are excited to have another cousin on the Hansen side. Congratulations Tylor & Julie!

Preschool Fieldtrip to Thanksgiving Point Farm

I let Ryllie skip a couple of hours of school so she could come with us to the Thanksgiving Point Farm with Maddux's preschool. The kids always have a great time. Ryllie loves animals as you can tell in her picture on the horse. She is constantly asking me for a pet, and I am constantly saying No! I'm a mean mom! :) These pictures are darling!

Casey's ballgames

So you are probably wondering why the pictures don't show Casey at his ballgame. That is because the kids lose interest in the ballgame in about .4 seconds and we end up at the playground. Someday I'll be able to actually watch a game! :)

Gotta Love Spring!

Finally! The kids can play outside! My house stays so much cleaner when I can send them outdoors. Nate & Cy love driving their jeeps around the cul-de-sac over & over & over & over!