Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rainy Days at Lagoon means NO LINES! Yahoo!

We may have been a little drenched, but nothing that a fresh change of clothes wouldn't cure. We played in the rain half the day riding all the rides that you get wet on, and after the rain stopped and we were drenched, we all went back to the car, changed into some nice dry clothes and jackets and then enjoyed the rest of the day with NO LINES! We were walking right on to every ride, it was the best time ever! Ryllie has no fear of rides, she and Casey were roller coastering it up! Even Maddux got brave and rode the Rocket, and some of the other big rides. Way to go Max! I love watching her go on rides because she is so animated! She always puts her hands in the air and screams at the top of her lungs. It is so funny! The picture of Cy on the Tidal Wave is my favorite! He tried so hard to be brave, but it scared him. After that ride, I asked him if he wanted to go on it again, and trying to be brave he went on it again! Yeah for Cy! He loved the mini Puff the dragon coaster ride and rode on that at least a dozen times. Hadlie was a good girl all day. She was so funny on rides because she would just sit there like they didn't even phase her, no emotion at all! But when the rides were over and you had to take her off she would get ticked and scream. I use to be the roller coaster queen, but since having kids I get motion sickness easy. But not this day! I was able to ride a lot of rides too and not get sick! It was the best Lagoon day ever!

Monday, June 29, 2009

I donut know where Hadlie is!

Every year our family goes to the Orem Summerfest night parade and carnival. We always park at Cuckoo's house and walk over to the parade. During the parade the missionary mall people were coming past and throwing out ties. Ryllie caught one last year so we were determined we were gonna get another one this year. So Casey & I stand up and start yelling like we are five trying to get one, after 30 seconds or so they had passed and we did not get one. We were crushed, not really, but we looked back and Hadlie is not on the blanket! Oh Crap! I forgot for half a minute that I have a child who doesn't know the meaning of "stay by mom". I look back by the church behind us and notice my little girl coming back from this table some people had set up that had food on it, and she hit the jack pot!

Isn't she a cute little thief? I looked around for someone to tell them sorry but NO ONE ever came to that table, and there was no taking the donut away from her. Cy kept saying he needed one too. After not seeing anyone ever come to the table, I was tempted to let him go get one too, but I didn't. Hadlie was nice enough to share with him. LOL! I guess I need to remember to keep a better eye on that girl. I do feel fortunate she didn't go far in that crowd of people. I would have been a panicking mother if that was the case. But the donut story is pretty funny!

Lots of Rain = Lots of Beauty!

This rainbow is so beautiful and we got to see it right outside our door! I love seeing beauty like this, it makes me grateful for our beautiful world, and for my Heavenly Father.

Wacky Wednesday- Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs is ALWAYS gorgeous. I had Kenice's kids that day, so me and 8 kids and a bunch of friends went up for our Wacky Wednesday adventure. When we got there we had our packed lunch, and 7 of the 8 kids took off. Now this park isn't huge, so I wasn't that upset but was a little peeved they didn't wait for me. When I got to the top I noticed a fork. One way takes you back to the springs, the other way takes you on a 1/2 mile hike up to the upper parking area. Yes, that is where the 7 kids went, so then I was angry that they didn't wait at the fork. So after I found them and gave them the mean mom voice and after some sorrys were said we had a great time. :) The springs were great and the drive (although kinda long) was so beautiful, I really enjoyed it! Thanks to all that came to Wacky Wednesday Cascade Springs!

Fleetwood Mac again?

Yeah, we liked the show so well in Vegas that we went to their show in Salt Lake the next week. Mike & Lori came with us, and we always have fun with those two yuppies! :)

Wacky Wednesday- Bean Museum & BYU Creamery


The Bean Museum was great! We had such a fun group of friends, and the kids loved seeing all the animals from BIG to small. Big animals like elephants down to small butterflies, it was so much fun! The Bean Museum is free and they have little workshops at certain times, and I found out that if you call in advance, they will take you on a tour and schedule a reptile show (with real snakes!) for your group. Too bad I didn't know that before we went, but now you know, so you can schedule your trip!

After we went and had delicious icecream at the BYU creamery! Thanks for all the friends who came and made it that much more fun!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

33 is gonna be my Lucky year!

I told Casey as we headed to Vegas for my birthday getaway that this was gonna be my lucky year because 3 is my favorite number and I am turning 33 so twice the luck! Yeah, I should have knocked on wood.

The weekend was great. My mom & sisters watched my kids for the weekend, and I have to give a HUGE thank you to them for all they did for me and my kids. I know it isn't easy to take on 4 kids for 3 days, so thank you thank you! Over the weekend we stayed at the Red Rocks Hotel and loved it. The room was huge and beautiful, the pool was amazing, the hotel had a movie theatre, a 60 lane bowling alley, an arcade, a food court, etc. It was huge! We were able to golf, swim, eat at the Steakhouse, Geri's nugget, visit Fremont street and see the Gordie Brown show, saw Fleetwood Mac at the MGM, and even catch a movie. Like I said, the weekend was great, and I really appreciate Casey for planning such a fun weekend for us. We got home Monday morning, and my birthday was Tuesday.

So on the official day I turned 33, my lucky year began with Maddux and Cy having a yogurt fight. I had just finished bathing and dressing Cy, and my kitchen was clean, so I was ticked off at them for that one. I know, it's funny now to imagine my kids sliming yogurt all over each other, but at the time, not funny. Then I decided to head to the gym. On the way to the gym I was headed down AF main where there are several cars that park on the side of the road and as I was driving down the street I hear "BANG!" I look over and my side mirror is shattered. I drive up to a safe place to pull over and look at it. I still can't figure it out. Either I hit someone else's side mirror (I would have to be awfully close to the cars to do that), or someone started opening their car door as I was passing, or a tree branch or some other obstuction hit it. Anyhow, I have never had this happen before but decide that I better go make sure it wasn't me that hit someone elses car. I drive back and look at the cars parked on the road and I can't see any damage so I go to the next light to take a left so I can turn back around. A delivery truck with extended side mirrors is driving the opposite direction and "bang" hits the other one! I didn't cap the second bang because it didn't hit it hard and only left a small scratch, but I swear I have never had a side mirror hit, let alone 2 in five minutes time! I suddenly had this strange feeling that I need to go home and not leave the house that day. :) The worst part for me was hearing how much it was going to cost to fix the mirror. So my 33rd year didn't start off as lucky as I would have hoped. :)

So they think they can dance.

Ryllie at her dance festival at school. She is so darn cute!

Every time this song comes on, Cy goes crazy!

Memorial Day Weekend in Scofield 2009

Last day of camping and we are a mess! Cy is wearing Max's fleece because his was beyond filthy!

Dave, Kelly, and River
Rob, Alisha, Sammy, & Jaycee
Memorial Day weekend in Scofield was great this year. Kenice's family and my dad came up for the day on Saturday, unfortunately I didn't whip out the camera until they were just getting ready to leave, but we loved having them there! Our friends Dave & Kelly and their son River came up, and let me tell you, these guys know how to camp! They had just about everything you could ever dream of for camping. They brought up a projector and a big canvas and we were able to watch "Madagascar 2" on a screen in the wilderness! It was so much fun! They also brought up their 4 wheeler and the kids loved every minute of that. Casey's cousin Rob and his family also came up. My girls LOVED playing with their daughters Sammy & Jaycee. The weather cooperated for the most part this year. We never know what we are gonna get every Memorial Day in Scofield, but Casey insists on going, and so I am always crossing my fingers we will have good weather (last year it snowed on us, and the trailer got stuck!). I had so much fun with the Hansen's and the Clark's that they better be coming again next year!