Friday, July 25, 2008


My kids eat cereal 24/7. I always hit the box top sales and stock up, and our family loves it. I thought I would post my kids favorite kinds of cereal.

Ryllie- " I want Captain Crunch." Mom- "I don't have Captain Crunch". Ryllie- " I mean Cinnamon Toast Crunch, why do I keep calling it Captain Crunch!"

Maddux- " I want Rice Krispys with sugar on it...... You didn't forget the sugar did you? Mom, did you put sugar on it? Mom, don't forget the sugar... Mom, are you forgetting something? Did you put sugar in it?" Mom- "Max, I put sugar on it! RELAX!"

Cy- "I want Ucky Charms."
" I want Cookie Trix (Cookie Crisp)".

Hadlie is starting to like Rice cereal but mostly enjoys booby milk still.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kaysha- the Real Post`

So, as I said before, Kaysha's original post about Kaysha inspired me to write a real post about her! Here is a little about that super fun woman! Kaysha was born on Valentine's Day and is truly a "sweetheart" to everyone who knows her. She grew up playing the part of peacemaker, comedian, friend, therapist, and the one who everyone confided in. I remember when I was about 10 I really wanted to learn to cut hair, and I asked everyone if they would let me cut their hair. Kaysha did not like to see me discouraged or sad so she let me cut her bangs. They ended up being just a tad short. Okay, very short, she looked like an idiot, but she sacrificed her looks for me! As, I grew up being the older sister, she grew up being the example to me. I am grateful for all the times when I had heartache over boys, or thought I was fat, or had some other reason to be dramatic how she would just hug me. I remember climbing into bed with her when I was sad and just having her hold me and comfort me. Kaysha married young and had 3 beautiful kids within 4 years. When her youngest was 6 months old, she went through an emotionally hard divorce. I do not know how she did it, or how she had the strength to do it, but she has been able to be an extremely successful single mom. She has had the determination to succeed, and has been able to work and attend college on an academic scholarship. She has juggled work and school and still managed to be an awesomely fun mom, and a witty and funny sister, and everyone's favorite aunt. So, here is to you Kaysha, Waysha, Waynsh, Kake, Pumpkin Pie, you are fablious! and I love you! Any hooters (one of Kaysha's many catch phrases), I better go before I start to cry or something.

Hobble Creek Canyon

This past weekend we had a family reunion on my Grandma Allen's side of the family. My grandma's maiden name was Hansen and she had all sisters so they all took on their married names and Casey kept joking that we were the only Hansen's at the Hansen family reunion. The reunion was held in Mapleton so we decided to camp up Hobble Creek Canyon. The kids loved playing in the river and sliding down this concrete with garbage bags, (it made them go faster!)

Wednesday Funday at Wheeler Farm

This week for Wednesday Funday we visited Historic Wheeler Farm. The kids had fun, and the scenery was gorgeous. Just wish I had some noseplugs because WHEW those animals stunk good! Nothin' like some good ol' cow pies to make your nose sting.
Kenice, Hailey, Leah, and Dallin. Alec is way too old and too cool to come!
Super cool old tree!

Swimming Party!

For Family Home Evening last week, Kenice's family, Mitsy's family, Grant's family, and our family met at the Pleasant Grove pool to go swimming. Cy was a little too brave in the water wandering out till he was barely above water and scaring me to death. Maddux on the other hand is a chicken in the water, and insisted on wearing a life jacket the entire water. Ryllie is our little fish. She has never had a swimming lesson in her life, but swims very well. She was jumping off the diving board and even did a flip!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Flashback Friday!

Kaysha & I in Arizona back in 1996.

Many have already read the post Kaysha, and have laughed almost as hard as I did. I don't have much time today, but the real Kaysha post is on its way. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Just a random little post about Cy, who just cracks me up, and is the cutest darn little boy you ever saw! Anyway, he has this lightning mcqueen hat that he loves and he calls it his I-queen hat. Funny thing is that he calls icecream "i-queen" also. So he says to me, "where's my I-queen hat?" And I say, "your icecream hat?" And he says, "not my i-queen hat, my i-queen hat!" It makes me laugh because in his mind he is saying them right, and to everyone else he is saying the exact same word. Anyway, he went potty on the toilet tonight after an hour of sitting there playing games, and drinking soda, nesquik, water, etc... He is going to be a booger to train! I sure love that cute boy though.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My great, great ancestors (or a picture from Lagoon)

We went to Lagoon yesterday and had a blast! My mother-in-law, Cuckoo came with us and we were grateful for the help with the kids. We also ran into my cute niece & nephew (Kaia & Jace) there. We had know idea they were going to be there. Anyhow, the only time that wasn't fun was the 2hrs we spent trying to get this picture, but Casey said it was all worth it, cause he loves the picture.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Have I ever told any of you that I absolutely adore my sister Kaysha? She is simply the best. I wish I could be as cool as her. I am so lucky. Oh, and sorry to all my other sisters, but she is my favorite.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Super Fun Week- Day 5, Reese baby blessing

So, it has been a crazy and fun week. After driving home from Scofield last night, and getting home at 1 am, we were a little on the tired side trying to wake up and be back to Orem for Reese's baby blessing at 9am. We are very glad that we were able to be there though. I love all my nieces and nephews, and love watching my brothers and sisters be parents. It is so great! Reese is such a little cutie, and she was a perfect angel in her pretty white dress. Grant and Karen are such cute parents to little Gavin & Reese. We love that family! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day GraKar GaRee!

Super Fun Week- Day 4, Scofield

Yesterday, we went up to the property to spend the day with Brady & Allison & Joey. We took the kids to the dock to "fish" and skip rocks. Then Casey made us a dutch oven dinner. He made BBQ chicken, baked beans, and potatoes. My kids don't like BBQ sauce, so they were punks about eating it, but everyone else loved it. Later, we went to the lake for the firework show. It was the perfect night, and the fireworks reflecting off the lake was beautiful.

Super Fun Week- Day 3, Miley Cyrus rocks the house!

Thanks to my friend Shea's dad, we were able to buy tickets to the Stadium of Fire this year to see Miley Cyrus. My girls are big Hannah Montana fans, so while Cy went to the rodeo with Grandpa Mike, and Hadlie spent the evening with Cuckoo, Casey and I took the Ryllie & Max to Stadium of Fire. The show was sooooo AWESOME! Blue Man Group performed and were great and Miley Cyrus was AWESOME! My girls had so much fun singing and dancing while she performed. And the fireworks went on for 30 minutes and was honestly the best firework display I've ever seen. And trust me, I've seen a lot of fireworks displays. I'm expert on the subject. Okay, a little sarcastic there, but seriously, it was a sweet firework show. I had so much fun, and I love watching Ryllie and Maddux get so excited over a teen idol. It is so cute, and reminds me of when I was younger. My teen idol was Paula Abdul. Things to notice in the picture with the girls... Hannah Montana rockstar outfits, designed by them... Hannah Montana shirts... gross pizza place we ate at before the concert.... oh, and my husband pulling a cross-eyed dumb head nong nong face.

Super Fun Week- Day 2, The Disco Drippers

Dancing with grandma & grandpa.
Noelle & Marshall

Love Casey's t-shirt. Cute baby Hoo Hoo too!

Thursday night our family went with Mike & Lori, Marshall & Noelle & Summer, up to Park City to see the Disco Drippers. The Canyons Resort has a free summer concert series, and this band is one of our favorites to go up and see. It is so beautiful up in the mountains and we get to ride the gondola up, dance to fun music, have a picnic, and watch fireworks. We love doing this each year with the Hansen's. All my kids love to get their groove on. They are hysterical to watch dance. I think we are turning into a bunch of yuppies. :)

Super Fun Week- Day 1, UVU celebration

Cute Cy in his Lightnin' McQueen cap. Kenice & Adam

Joe Nichols

Ryllie playing her soda guitar

Collin Raye

Maddux dancin' to the music

Josh Gracin
On Monday night we went to UVSC's concert celebrating that they are now UVU. They had Josh Gracin, Collin Raye, and Joe Nichols perform, and afterwards had a sweet firework show. Kenice and Adam came with us, and we had a blast. I couldn't believe they had such awesome country singers and only charged $5 a ticket. I have always loved Collin Raye, I have seen him in concert four times now, and have loved every show.

Maddux in the Parade

Maddux was in the Lehi City parade with her dance group. She did such a great job dancing that we took her for icecream and to see Wall-E to celebrate.