Monday, September 29, 2008

Cute Grandpa Quote

We went to visit Grandma & Grandpa Hansen on Sunday. We love going to see them, they are always so fun to be with, and grandpa says the funniest things. Cy fell outside and was crying, and Grandpa says, "Aww, you'll feel better when it quits hurting." I started to laugh and thought that was a cute grandpa quote I wanted to remember.

Igor- No Bueno (this is for Kaysha)

We took the kids to see Igor over the weekend, and it was el stupido. Me no mucho gusto. Do not waste you time or dinero.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Max World- Religious Conversation

I haven't posted a Max world in a while, and this conversation cracked me up!

Maddux: Mom, why does Heavenly Father & Jesus live up in the sky?
Mom: So they can watch over us and keep their eyes on us.
Maddux: So they can see everything in the world? They know there is a blue car and a red truck right there, and a McDonalds over there?
Mom: Yup
Maddux: So, they know I'm itching my butt right now?
Mom: (quickly turns her head around while in the car to glance at her, and sure enough Max is smiling with her hand on her butt). They sure do (as I'm beginning to laugh hysterically).

Later that night....
Max: Hey Ryllie guess what? Heavenly Father and Jesus know I'm eating a carrot right now.

Birthday Girls

A quick birthday shoutout to both Heather and Jordyn! Happy Birthday to a super sweet and hot sister Heather who is my age (we need not mention that age), and to my beautiful niece Jordyn (Brady & Allison's daughter) who turned 5 today!

Family Pictures

Where's Waldo? I mean the red power ranger (thanks Adam for giving us something fun to look for :) )

The original Smughes family! But wait, where is Heather? Unfortunately she lives in Vegas and couldn't make the trip up. We sure missed her and her cute family! So we are still in a qwest for a complete family picture. The soon-to-be outdated picture of the Hughes clan with my dad. Mitsy will be adding to the mahem in January.


This message is for my old roommate Adrienne. When you called me on Friday I was in Las Vegas and for some odd reason your number isn't in my history on my phone so please call me back! I was hoping you might check my blog again and see this message. I love ya!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Happens in St. George stays in St.George (at least the kids do)

We packed up our bags and headed down south last Wednesday. First stop was in Payson? Yes, we were picking up my super cute dad and taking him down to Mesquite so he could enjoy some free rooms (guess you get those kind of perks when you are a senior). It was a nice drive down, and I loved visiting with my dad, we rarely get 4 hrs to just talk, so I really enjoyed that. Second stop, Cedar City (for gas and a potty break). Third stop, St. George. Mom & dad rocked and watched our kids while we went to the Tuacahn on Wednesday & Thursday nights (Les Mis was phenomenal). They also watched them while we went golfing. I hadn't golfed for a year, but I had fun even if I was a little rusty. Friday Casey & I drove to Las Vegas. Casey's mom & sister came down to help with Hadlie so we could go out, and Kaysha kept Ryllie, Maddux, & Cy in St. George. Kaysha was super aunt waynsh AGAIN! No one can keep up with her auntly coolness. She took my kids to the park, to swimming pools, Jarom's derby and football game, Costco for pizza, and Wendy's, and let them watch the coolest of new released DVD's (Ariel's new movie). Cy is dang lucky he was potty trained by this trip, she doesn't allow the diapered to come to rockin' the aunt style party weekends. Thank you Waynsh for being so sweet to my kids, and letting me have a little fun too. For cute pics of the kids in St. George see Kaysha's blog. Anyway, when we got to Vegas we checked into Trump Towers. Did I st-st-stutter? That's right TRUMP towers. Yeah, it was blinging it, and we have never stayed at such a nice hotel. There was a TV mounted in the mirror in the bathroom with a water proof remote so you could sit in the jetted tub watching the tube! Isn't that sick? The bed was super comfortable, and we spent most of Saturday in bed.....sleeping. No really, its true, we were seriously sleeping the day away and didn't even feel bad cause the room was just that nice! On Friday night we ate The Steakhouse in Circus Circus. Tyrel and Amber came down on Thursday night, so we got to hang out with them at dinner and watch their cute boys play games. Casey & I went to the Palazzo and watched "the Jersey Boys" which was an awesome show about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I loved it! After that show, we ran to the Wynn and watched LeReve with Tyrel and Amber and Noelle. It was, of course, AMAZING! After that we went to have cheesecake at the Cheesecake factory. It was a packed and fun night. Saturday night, Casey took me to Prime at the Bellagio. We have been there a few times now, but when you find something that good, you go back! We have had bad luck finding good restaurants in Vegas, but Prime is good and I love watching the watershows from the windows. It's also kinda fun to have a reason to get dressed up once in a while. After dinner, we went to the Lindsey Buckingham concert. He and Stevie Nicks made up the band Fleetwood Mac back in the day. He was great in concert and we ended the evening at the cheesecake factory again! Man, there cheesecake is HEAVEN on earth! Sunday we headed back home. 1st stop- eat at Wolfgang Puck restaurant (overrated in my opinion), and about poo my pants at the bill. 2nd stop- Mesquite to pick up my cute dad again. 3rd stop- St. George to get my cute kids and give my mom, dad, sister, and nieces and nephews quick loves. 4th stop- Cedar City for gas and Maddux needed to go #2. 5th stop- Nephi for potty break. 6th stop- Payson? oh yeah, dropping dad off. And then finally home.

I know someone famous!

I totally had English classes with Brandon Mull, author of Candyshop Wars and the Fablehaven series. He came trick or treating last Halloween to my house with his kids and I recognized him and said, "How do I know you?" He was probably thinking, "duh, I'm like a successful author", but he was so nice as we realized we had English together at the Y. 2 months later I see an article about the author of Fablehaven and there was his picture. I'm an idiot. So anyway, his aunt lives across the street and invited him to our ward book club (we were reading the Candyshop Wars), which he did come to last Tuesday and we were all able to visit with him and get our books signed. It is pretty cool to see an old starving student take off and do so well, and his success is well deserved, he is a pretty cool guy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Smughes Reunion 2008

We all had so much fun camping up at the Heber Valley Campground for this years reunion. We ate alot and farted alot. Just how a true camping trip should be. If you want to read about all the good times just read Kaysha's post on her blog, I'm way too lazy to write about it all. Instead here are some of the worst pictures...
Okay, okay, don't be mad, I got some of the best pictures too.

This one is for Mitsy.

Everyone in my family is laughing right?
Thank you Kenice and Karen for working so hard to plan this and for all the cooking and cleaning you did for us. It was so much fun, and I mean that from the bottom of my fart, I mean heart.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bitter Enemies

I never thought I would have an enemy, but here she is.

She is just so annoying! I tell her to leave and she keeps coming back! Everytime I think I have finally gotten rid of her, she is back with at least 2 more loads. Who has time for this? This is beyond disturbing, and it is never ending. I spend at least 30 to 60 minutes of each day dealing with her and her drama. It gets old. I want to turn my back on her, but when I do the issue grows ten "fold".

Cy's first day of preschool

So, I wasn't going to put Cy in preschool this year, he still has 3 years before kindergarten, but my neighbor decided to do a little preschool in her home for only $35 a month. Cy's best friend Nate enrolled for the class so I decided it would be fun for him. On the first day of school he was so excited. He kept saying, "Mom, I wanna go to my cwass. Mom, its time to go." When we got there he turned and looked at Maddux and said, "This is my pweschoo Max, not yours." Anyway, he loved it and here is a picture of Cy with his friends Nate, and Porter on the first day of pweschoo. Casey asked him later how preschool was and Cy casually says, " I liked it."

Highschool Chums

Casey grew up in such a fun neighborhood and made some life long friends. A bunch of us got together last Saturday for a BBQ. The kids had a blast in the hot tub and the men watched the boxing match inside. The women did what we do best, talked each others ears off. As you can see by the picture, Casey was out with the women, hmmm. Go figure. The real motive was making sure the kids didn't destroy the hot tub. The kids got out before the main event fight, so he got to enjoy some of it. So this was our first deck party with no patio furniture! If anyone sees a screamin deal on patio furniture this fall, please let me know! Hook a sista up! Anyway, we had so much fun with these friends. Thanks everyone for coming!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

3 Dog Night

The last concert at the Scera shell was last night with 3 Dog Night. They were GREAT! My cousin Tyrel & his wife Amber came with us, and we saw Aunt Patrice and her family there so we all sat with them and had so much fun. It has been a fun summer series at the Scera shell. We bought the season passes and have loved having our date nights there. The scera shell is a small venue so you can really get close to the performers. It is an outdoor theatre and i love the atmosphere. We usually pack a picnic in, KFC, or Subway or something and bring a blanket to sit on the grass and watch the shows. I just love sitting outside on summer nights holding my hubby's hand watching the shows, it is relaxing and somewhat romantic, and fun.

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we finally stuck around home and got crap done around the house! We've been gone so much lately that the yard was starting to look pretty neglected. Saturday we spent the day cleaning up the yard, and on Sunday we had Grandma & Grandpa Hansen, and Dad & Lori over for dinner. We are extremely grateful that grandma & grandpa could make it. Grandma has a rare red cell cancer and has been so terribly sick this past year that to see her looking so well and wonderful was a true blessing. My kids love spending time with them as well.


Last Thursday, Casey & I went to the Boyz II Men concert at the Scera Shell. I had so much fun and it took me back to the good ol' Ricks days when me and my roommates listened to them constantly. We even changed lyrics to the songs to make them about food like "Oh gosh give me some raisins, I'm down on bended knee". Yes, we were truly dorks, but we made ourselves laugh. Boyz II Men are getting older but they still got it. They could still sing amazingly and their dance moves are still cool. The Scera Shell is so fun cause you can get so close. I just walked right up to the front and screamed and danced like a teenager. Good times.