Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas season this year came and went so quickly! On December 4 (Javin's birthday!), Casey & I went to his work Christmas party up at the Zermatt Resort in Midway. We decided to stay overnight there, and the next morning I woke up feeling kinda sick. Well, that kinda sick turned into really sick, and that nasty cold lasted for 6 weeks! I was suppose to be in charge of the Allen Christmas program again this year, but could not get feeling great, so my awesome sister Kenice ended up planning and executing the entire program and did a wonderful job! Thanks Neenie!
We did not do all the usual Christmas activities this year either, because I couldn't get feeling well, but Casey was able to take Ryllie (she got to take my ticket and I was super bummed) to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. He said the concert was wonderful.
On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed our family tradition of dinner and gifts at Cuckoo's house. Of course, she spoiled us all, and my kids love their animal pillows and jammies and webkinz! Thanks Cuckoo! We went to the Festival of Lights afterwards, as we have done most years since we have been married. We all love going, and the drive home usually puts at least 2 out of the 4 kids to sleep. :)
Christmas morning is always so much fun with the kids being at such fun ages and they are so excited to see what Santa brought them. Ryllie's favorite Santa gifts were a scooter, zum buddy, and new hairdryer and curling iron. Maddux's favorite Santa gifts were a MP3 player, Barbie DVD's, and lipgloss. Cy's favorite Santa gifts were a scooter, a buzz light year, and Cars fishing game. Hadlie's favorite Santa gifts were a Baby Alive doll, fur real pet, and candy from her stocking. The family's favorite gift was the Wii!
Around 11am we head over to Mike & Lori's. They always make us a wonderful breakfast and give us such nice gifts. They gave us some very nice Calphalon pots, a new crock pot, and new silverware, AND a gift card to Spencer's steakhouse. I know, spoiled right? Thanks for the wonderful gifts Mike & Lori!

Brady & Allison & Jordyn Hansen (Casey's brother)

Tylor, Julie, Jarrett, & Morgan Beveridge (Casey's brother)

Marshall, Noelle, & Summer Lundberg (Casey's sister)

I know people who don't like this time of year because they feel it has become too materialized. Perhaps it has, but I still love this time of year because people tend to reach out a little more, take a little more time to remember those they care about, spend more time with their families, and do kind things for others. You see more humanity and love and it gives the world more hope. And of course this hope comes this time of year because of Jesus Christ.