Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School... Man, I have cute kids!

It's about time I posted about back to school! Ryllie is absolutely loving 2nd grade. Her teacher is Mrs. Davis and our first impression of her was at Back to School Night. We walked into her classroom which is decorated in a pirate theme, and there was Mrs. Davis dressed up like a pirate saying, "Ahoy Mateys, Arrrr ya ready to learn!" Hilarious! We instantly loved her. Ryllie went on a treasure hunt to learn her way around the classroom and then at the end her teacher gave her a treasure (a treat bag with gold chocolate coins and goldfish crackers).
Maddux is so lucky to have Mrs. Burk. Ryllie had her also and we think she is just the best kindergarten teacher ever. When you take your kindergartners on the first day, they have a "BooHoo Breakfast" for the parents, and I'm sure many of you know someone or have been a parent yourself who cried at your child's first day of kindergarten. NOT ME! I was ready to do a few hallelujah shouts, a jig, and some cartwheels at Maddux's first day of school. Not because I don't love her dearly, but because she is in constant need of entertainment. She has been such a happy girl getting to spend 3 hours a day at school, and I love the quiet and the chance to clean house before my busy girls (who seem to mess it up in .5 seconds) get home. I have to comment too on Max's first day of school outfit, she picked it out herself (not mom's taste), and she loves it so much that she wants to wear it everyday. I have told her it needs to washed even though it is clean and folded and hidden in my closet! I'll pull it out after a week or so. :) LOL!
Cy started preschool, and of course loves every second of it. He has been learning his letters and sounds and is getting pretty darn good at it. I swear by the Leapfrog DVD called the "Letter Factory". If you don't own it, buy it! I have him watch it daily and he loves it, and all my kids have learned their letters and sounds from that DVD. It's awesome!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 4 of daddy at scout camp, me and the kids met up with Grandpa Mike and Grandma Lori at this awesome park by their house. Grandpa Mike brought some KFC and Summer & Jordyn came up and the kids played and played. And after they were done playing we all went to Arctic Circle for icecream and to play just a little more! The kids all fell asleep on the way home! Thanks Mike & Lori for wearing them out! And thanks for dinner too!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wacky Wednesday- Payson Lake

During the week that Casey was at Scout Camp, our Wacky Wednesday activity was Payson Lake. It was the most perfect day! The weather was gorgeous, the lake wasn't too busy, it was just perfect! Kenice, Mitsy, and Crysta brought their kids up, and my friend Rhonda was able to come as well. We brought lots of swim toys, games, scooters, and food! It was great. We arrived at around 10:30am and stayed till 6pm, and I could have stayed longer, we were having so much fun. Here are some pictures to prove it!

While the Cats Away, the Mice WILL Play!

While Casey was at Scout camp, me and the kids spent their last week of Summer break just playing hard! Casey left Monday morning, and we spent most of that day cleaning house and completing projects that I've been wanting to get done, then that night the playing began. Ryllie had her friends Abby & Tatum sleepover, and Maddux invited Jordyn to sleepover. We put a TV out on the deck and they watched a movie out there under the starts. They loved it! Cy cracks me up, just chillin with all the ladies! :)

On Tuesday after dance class, Noelle invited me and the kids to go on a leisure hike up to donut falls. Unfortunately I forgot the camera, but Noelle promised she'd send me some, so hopefully I will get them posted soon. Anyway, the hike was beautiful and it is always nice to get outdoors. Hadlie was hilarious, she is so independent and did not want any help, even over the rough rocky terrain she insisted on no help. She biffed it a couple of times, but

overall did great. That night we rented a Redbox and got Del Taco and watched movies again on the deck.

The rest of the week I am going to add on individual posts!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Adrienne & the Scary Dinosaurs

I was so glad that Adrienne came into town, and even happier when she invited me and the kids to tag along and go with her and her cute kids to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. As you can see, Adrienne is still GORGEOUS! And I had so much fun chatting with her like old times! Although I don't get to see or talk to her nearly enough, it is always like no time has passed and we can talk and laugh like we have seen each other everyday of our lives.
I sure am grateful to have friends like her! And by the way, Adrienne LOVED the dinosaur museum. :) Thought I'd throw that in for you A, in case you read this.

Monday, August 3, 2009

15 year class reunion

I am soooo OLD! I helped plan and organize my HS reunion that happened on August 1st. We made it a family friendly event, with a catered BBQ, bounce houses, and sno cones, popcorn, and cotton candy. I loved seeing old friends and meeting their kids. And I so appreciated the help from some of my classmates, especially Christine, Marci, and Kate! With all the hustle and bustle on the night of the reunion I failed to take pictures!