Thursday, November 20, 2008

Carrie Under-freakin-wood!

Yeah, we saw her last night, and she TOTALLY rocked! She is so amazing! And ridiculously gorgeous. Seriously, what is up with someone being so perfect? I am just a tad jealous of her! I said to Casey on the way home, "There has to be at least ONE thing wrong with that girl", and he said, "Maybe her breath stinks". LOL! Hey, maybe! But that doesn't make me feel any better, because mine does too! :) Anyway, her songs are very inspiring and watching her motivates me to go to the gym! :) So thanks Carrie for a fun night. And thanks to Casey for always taking me out on such fun dates. You are the best and I love you!

Date Night Disaster

This story is kinda long, so if you get bored, skip this post! :) Last Friday my friend Breanne was coming home from her mission and we were invited to welcome her home at 9:30pm, so before we went over we decided we wanted to try to get to the temple. Cuckoo said she'd watch the kids and Casey and I drove to the Provo Temple. When we got there we could not find a parking spot, not ONE! Even down in the overflow parking there weren't any, so we had to circle around for about 15 minutes to wait for someone to leave. We finally get in there and are stopped at the front desk because on their computer was a note that said "questions about recommend" on mine. So we waited about 30 more minutes for the temple recorder to figure out the problem. Apparently I've been going to the temple under a Melanie Hansen's name. My membership number and barcode didn't match, so one of the bishopric accidentally put someone elses number on my recommend. Needless to say, I am going to have to go back and get a new recommend. So, we finally get in the temple and there is a 90 minute wait for a session, and 50 minute wait for sealings! I have never seen this before! We waited about an hour for sealings and they were still not ready, and we were running out of time, so we had to leave. :( But, it is always nice to be there, even if we weren't able to do any work, it is always nice to feel the Spirit. We had about 30 minutes so we stopped for an icecream cone at BYU creamery. As we are driving home I realize I left my purse! (I am a space case, but I don't frequently leave my purses places!) We had to turn around and go back and as we are leaving we realize we are now stuck in traffic due to the BYU basketball game letting out. At this point I think Casey is going to kill me. He is staring ahead, silent, I'm frustrated at myself and waiting for him to be frustrated as well. After a few minutes, he reaches over and touches my shoulder and smiles. PHEW! I guess this was one of those moments Elder Wirthlin was talking about. The night could have been ruined if we would have reacted in a negative way, but now it's just a night we can look at and laugh. Fortunately Breanne was running late too, and we made it there in time to welcome her home, and had a great evening visiting with her and the Folkman family. And watching Casey and the kids play Rock Band was hysterical!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Tom-Dad

My friends use to always get confused when I'd talk about my dads because I called both of them "dad", so to differentiate I would call them Kenn-dad and Tom-dad. Well today is Tom-dad's birthday, so I wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday and tell him I love him! I know you are working today so I'm sure you'll be checking blogs during your breaks right? :) Hope you have a fun day! Love this picture by the way! Such a cute grandpa, and Kloey is loving lap time!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Cuckoo!

Cuckoo is Casey's mom, and she has been such a wonderful mother-in-law and a wonderful grandma to our kids. We loved having you over for our first deepfried turkey today! Thanks for all you do for our family. We love you, Happy Birthday!

How to Host A Murder

Our friends Darci & Kevin had Casey & I over last night along with several other neighbors to stage a How to Host a Murder party. We all were assigned characters and had to dress and act the part. The plot was an 80's high school reunion. Casey played BA Barricade, the punk from High School who now (20 years later) is a personal body guard. I played Cindy Crawfish, the class flirt, who now (20 years later) has her own online dating service, and is dating a famous movie director and having an affair with a presidential candidate. Needless to say, Casey didn't have to do much acting. I'm joking! I'm joking! He was hysterical and won best costume for the evening. My friend Daniella played the drama queen, and was so freaking funny, and won the award for the best acting for the night. I won the award for guessing the murderer right (I was the only one who got it! Not to brag or anything). Molly Ringworm (Daniella) was the murderer! Thanks Darci for planning such a fun get together, and thanks to the girls who made the soups! They were delicious! We have such a fun neighborhood!

Fine Dining

Thank you to Charity & Andy for having us over Friday for some fine dining and even more fine company! Our friends in the ward invited Casey & I over along with the Burninghams and some other friends to enjoy a catered fine dining meal at their home. Andy's sister is going to culinary school up at USU and she prepared a super fancy meal for us. Casey & I really enjoyed laughing so hard, and having an evening without kids, so thanks for the fun night!

Look What I got to come home to!

A couple days after returning home from sunny St. George, this is what it looked like in my front yard.

Staheli Farm

I am getting a bit behind on my blog! I started to update my Halloween weekend and ran out of time so I am back pedaling to update the rest of St. George weekend and this week as well. The whole family on November 1st went to the Staheli farm. We have made it tradition to go there because it is just so much fun. The kids have a ball, and I must admit, I had a great time playing tether ball like I did in Elementary. I use to be the champ of all champs at tether ball. I could whoop even the boys. No one dared play the Holster. Okay, nobody really called me that, but it sounds intimadating doesn't it? Ask Kaysha, I still got it. I whooped her #%**$#! (That means keister, or derriere, or something like that). Later that night, we had a big family enchilada party at Kaysha's clubhouse. Karen (who rocks) planned all these sick games like cracking raw eggs and having races, bobbing for bugs, seeing who could stick the most cheetos to someone's face covered with whip cream, and trying jelly belly's from Hogwarts that taste like boogers, chalk, vomit, rotten eggs, and other delicious things. We all had a blast, and to top off that evening my little family went to see HSM3 again, but this time we made Casey go. After the movie he said it was lame, but I saw him laughing during the movie, and he hasn't been so opposed to listening to the soundtrack in the car. LOL! Sunday, we got up, went to church, and drove home. We stopped to visit gma & gpa Hansen on the way home too. We always love visiting with them. The entire weekend was great thanks to all who planned it. HUGE Thank you's to Kaysha, Mom &
Dad, & Karen. Sure do love you all!
Max trying out a Hogwart jelly bean, she was suppose to guess what flavor it was. Max loved being grandma's partner, she felt so special.
Jace bobbing for bugs
Ryllie, Kaia, and Max enjoying Cheetos and whip cream. McKenna & Cy kept eating cheetos off the ground.
This is how Casey's rolls. Showing off to Jarom & Isaiah right before church.