Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend in Scofield

Every year our family goes camping up in Scofield on the 22 acres of land the Hansen family has. The weekend is always a "whoever wants to come, come" open invitation. Most years we have quite a few friends and family come up, but I knew this year would be different because well, hmmm, who really wants to camp in SNOW! Not me! Casey says, "We are going, it's tradition." So I loaded up the trailer and off we went. When we pulled into the property it looked like this.

Yes, my kids are building a snowman, I felt like I was in Idaho again with all this snow at the end of May.

Kenice's family joined us Saturday for the afternoon, and then Marshall and Noelle came up that night and ended up staying until Monday with us. We ended up having a blast, and the fishing was killer. They found the sweet spot and Cy and Summer both caught their first fish, and their second fish, and their third fish, and you get the picture.

Cy and Hailey

Dallin and Kenice

Summer's first fish!
What cute kids!


So here is the story... Maddux and Ryllie come out of the bathroom with a small pair of scissors and Max's hair looks like this. I say, "Max, what did you do to your hair?" She says, "Ryllie told me to!" (My kids are experts on the blame game). I say, "Ryllie, did you tell her to cut her hair?" Ryllie responds, "I just told her to cut off the whispys hanging in her eyes." I proceed to try really hard not to laugh, that didn't work very well. I start to tell them that to cut hair you have to go to hair school to learn how and that even grown ups can't cut hair unless they have been to hair school.

When Casey came home, we talked again about how not everyone can cut hair. Casey starts to get more animated as he grabs a pair of scissors and starts to say, "Oh, you all think anyone can cut hair, let me cut your hair." The girls start to squeal and say "don't cut our hair!" Casey continues, "Well if anyone can cut hair, I guess I can too!" Then he takes the scissors to his own head and cuts a couple of clumps of his own hair and asks, "how does it look?" By this time, I am laughing so hard and cannot believe that he actually snipped his own hair off. The girls were laughing too. Here is a picture of the damage.
So after all was said and done, Casey had to shave his head!

Interesting Outfits!

Ryllie wore her life jacket for the dance festival at school.

Cy! You are a BOY!

Nice boots! Great for going to a swimming party!

I wanna go to Cuckoo's house!

Casey's mom decided long ago that she did not want to be called grandma. Everyone that knows Chris knows she is a spaz and we love it! Ryllie was the first grandbaby and when she started to talk, Chris kept telling her to call her gram crackers instead of grandma. Casey teasing her said, "More like cuckoo crackers" and Ryllie said "Cuckoo"! So it stuck and everyone now just calls her Cuckoo. She now has seven grandbabies who all affectionately call her Cuckoo, and they love her dearly! Here is a couple of pictures at Cuckoo's house!


We were all so shocked when David Archuleta didn't win American Idol! We thought he was the best vocal talent and so darn cute! I was able to go with Casey to the Jazz game where he performed a few weeks ago, and when we got home Maddux asked how David ENCHILADA did. I laughed so hard, and we have called him that ever since.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Smiley Ryllie

I have had so many posts sharing funny stories about Maddux that Ryllie was starting to wonder why I hadn't been writing about her. Ryllie is so mature now that she doesn't say as many silly things as Maddux, but she is certainly loved by her family just the same! Ryllie has been taking piano and violin this past year and I must say, I absolutely love watching her play. She gets this super cute concentrated look on her face when she plays. She has always been so smart, but is starting to excel in reading and math now too. Ryllie loves to earn stars on her chore chart and is always asking for ways to earn more. The reward is a trip to the gas station with mom for a treat. I always loved going to the gas station with my mom when I was a kid, so that is where this "reward" idea came from. Anyway, Ryllie is also my persistent little girl, when she wants something she will pester until she gets it. It is pretty funny! Remember the Simpson episode where Lisa and Bart continue over and over to ask Homer, "Are we there yet?" and he answers, "No", and it just goes on and on, that is Ryllie. Ryllie is very adventurous as well. She will try anything! She taught herself to ride a bike and how to swim and how to do flips on the tramp. Dad has been teaching her how to play golf and baseball, and the girl has got a serious swing! Anyway, I wanted to write a little about her so that others might get to know her as well. I'll write about Cy when I have a little more time, but for tonight, I'm exhausted!

Max World

Prayer on Sunday Dinner by Maddux: "Please bless the food, please bless my family, please bless to keep us safe...(pause for a moment)... from the coyotes..." Um, yeah, we have know idea where that one came from, but we couldn't help but laugh in the middle of her prayer.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

No Wonder Mom Gets No Sleep!

My children have the strangest sleeping habits, and strangest positions to sleep in. Check it out, these pictures are only from today!

Maddux getting some cold toes!

This is my favorite. Ryllie wakes up in the middle of the night all the time, and pretty much sleep walks to the bathroom, (not to mention whining and crying loud enough for people to hear in Idaho, did you hear her tonight Erin?). She is all disoriented and can't find the bathroom. One night she walked into my closet 3 times thinking she was going to find a toilet there. I sat there laughing my head off. She never, ever remembers the next morning!

This is a frequent occurence with Hadlie

Cy taking his "nap". Doesn't this look comfortable?

Max World

Here's the Max stories of the week:

On Sunday we came home from church and she asks if she can play. I said, "No, it's Sunday." She continues to ask, "Can Emery (her friend) play?" I respond, "she can't play either, it's a Sunday". Maddux then sighs and says, "Oh, she can only play on winter days?" I started to laugh as I looked outside and it was a "sun" day after all!

Yesterday she was looking at herself in the mirror and says, "Mom, look how big my ears are! They are so beautiful!" Only when you are four do you get excited about having big ears.

Las Vegas Again?

Some super cute pictures from Las Vegas

My three little ladies
What a fun dad!Mommy & Hadlie
Smiley Ryllie
Swing Batter!
Circus Circus and Adventuredome
Love it! Don't even hate it.
Blowing Bubbles!
What a handsome little boy
And a pretty little Max
At the M&M factory
So, I haven't posted in a while, and so here is a recap of what has been happening with the Hansens. We came home from our Spring Break in St. George on a Friday so we could be home to hang out with dad, but Saturday morning I woke up with strep throat, and Maddux got a small fracture in her leg from jumping on the tramp. To top the day off, Ryllie was painting her nails and when I went to put the polish away I grabbed it from the top and she hadn't tightened the lid so the nail polish went flying all over my kitchen tile! Yeah, I was pretty dumb to grab it there, and that was so not a fun day cleaning fingernail polish off the tile for two hours with strep throat. I was screaming in my head, "Why did I come home early?" Funny thing too, on Monday morning Casey says to me, "Let's go down to Vegas for a few days, rooms are cheap, and I want to find some sunshine". I said, "We were just down there and I don't want to turn around and go back with the kids." He says sarcastically, "You use to be so spontaneous." So I said, "We'll be ready to go in an hour.":) So off we went, and we had a blast. We stayed at the Palms, and the pool there is awesome. The Dr. called us and told us that we could take the soft cast off Maddux and the fracture would correct itself in time, just to let her ease into walking on it again. I guess she enjoyed having us push her around in the stroller and carry her everywhere, because she milked it for all it was worth. It was pretty funny. The kids really enjoyed the trip and I am so glad we went now. In my haste to post I failed to mention that Aunt Waynsh came down one night to babysit my kids and let Casey and I go to dinner and "Mystere", a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you to the bestest sister ever! She even missed an important lab at school for me! I am very indebted to her for her kindness, and I know it wasn't easy to watch 7 kids in a hotel room. She was crazy to agree to do it! Kaysha, did you forget how to say NO! Anyway, I love her and appreciate so much her willingness to do that for me! THANKS AUNT WAYNSH!!!!