Monday, July 27, 2009

Pioneer Weekend Camptrip!

Over the weekend of Pioneer Day we joined the Clarks up past Strawberry for a camping weekend. I was a bit reluctant when I found out how primitive this campspot was and taking the trailer up that dirt road made me nervous as well, but we made it up with only two jacks busted. :) Once we set up camp I realized why the Clarks love going up to this spot. It is beautiful! We ended up having such a blast! The company was great! One of Dave's friends, Bruce, and his teenage daughters came up and they were darling. They brought 4 wheelers and one of them was a child's wheeler so Ryllie and Max got to learn how to ride them and absolutely loved it. Bruce brought dirt bikes as well, and Casey loved taking it for a ride. We also went down to Strawberry Reservoir to catch crawfish and hang out at the lake. We also brought the clay pigeons and guns, and the guys can't get enough of that. The Clark's really know how to camp, they bring EVERYTHING! We watched movies on their projector and ate delicious dutch oven dinners courtesy of Casey and Kelly. Dave, of course, had us laughing the whole time. Thanks for inviting us up Dave, Kelly, and River! We are still pulling flies out of our hair! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wacky Wednesday- Lindon Pool

Thanks Aunt Kenice for joining us on this Wacky Wednesday! My kids love going to the pool! They can seriously play in the water for hours!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Little Slugger!

This was Ryllie's first year of Little League, and who knew, she is pretty good! Casey coached her team, and she was fortunate to have several kids from the ward on her team, so they had a great time. Kylee, and Ellie were the other little girls on her team, so she had other girls to hang out with. This season, she beaned one kid, and got beaned once herself. Funny thing, it was during the same game! Classic case of what goes around comes around!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wacky Wednesday- The Living Planet Acquarium

The Acquarium was cool, but way over priced in my opinion. My kids enjoyed seeing all the sea creatures, but we were through in a little over an hour. We weren't ready to call our wacky Wednesday over so we went to the new splash pad in Highland and played in the water and had Little Caesar's 5 buck pizzas. So we ended up having a great Wednesday! Thanks to all the friends who joined us, you make the Wednesday activities so much more fun!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cute pictures with Grandma & Grandpa Hansen

Palisade Campground!

We keep saying what wonderful neighbors we have! A few families in the neighborhood came with us to Palisade Campground near Manti over the 11th of July. I loved loved loved this campground. Can I say loved one more time, cause I loved it! Here are some of the highlights.

Friday: Drove to camp and set up, then went to the Manti house with the Burninghams for dinner. Stayed up late visiting with our fun friends, the Dowdles, Coles, Gibsons, and Burninghams

Saturday: Guys went golfing (yes, I said golfing! There is a golf course at this State park). The gals and kids went and set up our area at the beach. There is a playground for kids, paddleboats to rent, and a dock to swim out to. We could have spent a week just hanging out at the lake. That afternoon, Casey was challenged to a race, nobody thought that he could beat the "so totally in shape and looking awesome" Josh. So we laughed hard as the races began, and lo and behold, that Casey has some serious speed! Good times! That night we made a
Dutch Oven

dinner with 40 mile stew prepared Casey style. SO DELICIOUS! And Darci made us some delicious peach and raspberry cobbler. We always eat so well when we camp. After dinner, 3 of the families headed home, but the Burninghams (Josh and Susie, we call them our die hard friends) stayed one more night with us. We can always count on them to be up for anything. We always have fun with them, and they are always willing to do whatever, whenever. We decided to go to the drive-in movie theatre in Mt. Pleasant. It is totally old school and we love it!

Sunday: We spent most of the morning at the lake and decided to head out early afternoon. We stopped at a little diner for lunch. We love little ma & pa shops. They might take forever to get your food to you, but it always ends of being the best greasy food ever! :)
We are so glad that we were able to go on this campout with our friends and neighbors, and are determined to go again next year!

Old Neighborhood Barbeque!

Casey has some great friends that he grew up with, and we try to get together with them and their families at least once a year. We always have a great time, and I love hearing them reminisce about the good ol days. I think Casey has kissed almost all of his old neighbors that are female!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wacky Wednesday- Swimming!

My neighbor and good friend Michelle invited us to swim at her inlaws for this weeks Wacky Wednesday activity. It was so fun to have a private pool. The kids of course had a blast! My kids have spent way too much time in the sun! Even with all the sunblock I cake on them, they look like little beach bunnies!

4th of July BBQ!

After the parade, we went home and had kids take naps while we got the house clean and food prepared for a BBQ with the Smughes! This BBQ was so much fun that I think we ought to make it tradition!

Here are some of the highlights of the night...

- Spending 4th of July with dad!
- Kaysha's family being here from St. George!

- Karen's relay race! She is so creative!
- Food!

- Water balloon toss.
- The guys watching James Bond
-Marshmallow shooters! Thanks Kenice!
- Casey & Mike jumping on the trampoline.

-Kaysha's Watermelon eating contest! Go Kenice!
-The Cousin Cookie Swap!

-The Cousin Parade!

Probably forgot a few activities, but you get the point. Thanks to my awesome family for such a fun night!

4th of July Parade!

We invited Jordyn and Summer to sleep over and come to the parade with us Saturday morning. This is the first time Summer has slept over and despite going to bed after midnight, she was still awake by 6am waking up the whole house! Needless to say, we were NOT late for the parade this year. :)

The Whitakers and Crysta's kids were also at the parade, so that made for a great time for the kids.
I have to say, I have always loved going to the parade simply because of the atmosphere. I always tend to get emotional as I feel extreme gratitude for the country that we live in. I am grateful for the freedoms we enjoy. My dad always took me to the parade when I was a kid and taught me the important of patriotism and I am hoping that through the years my own kids will feel that gratitude for our country and for all those who serve so honorably to protect and defend our country.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good times with the Hansens

On July 3rd we were able to go to see Ice Age 3 with Casey's family. Afterwards we went to Noelle's for fireworks and root beer floats. It was a gorgeous night, and we were able to watch the Real Soccer games fireworks from Noelle's backyard! Thanks Grandpa Mike for treating us to the movie, and thanks Noelle for dessert!