Monday, June 30, 2008

Cleanliness Tag!

Okay Karen, here is your tag results. Did you forget I am married to Casey? He is a clean freak, so the house is usually pretty tidy. Just don't ask to look in any closets. If I can shut the door and nobody can see whats inside, it usually is a disaster!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Poop Story

About 20 minutes before church was out, I was standing in the back of the primary room (I teach the 11 year olds) holding Hadlie trying to keep her from fussing. She suddenly tightened her whole body and let a big ol' poop out. Unfortunately the power she exerted was so strong that the poop flew right out the side of her diaper and down my skirt and onto the floor! I'm not even kidding! A little boy next to me saw the whole thing happen and was giggling on the back row as I ran out holding my skirt so I wouldn't drip any more poop on the floor. It was pretty dang funny!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Gettin Busy with the Sidewalk Chalk!

Ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha, ha.... Yes, I'm still laughing...

Lehi City Days = Party time!

Okay, so I'm exaggerating. But they do have some pretty fun activities. Tuesday night they had a huge screen on the baseball field and people bring their blankets and treats and they played "Alvin & the Chipmunks". We decided that would be a good excuse to have cousins over for a sleepover, so Hailey and Leah came with us to the outdoor movie and slept over and the next day I took the kids with Crysta and a bunch of my friends to a bird show over at the Hutchings museum. The kids loved it! That night Casey and I went to see the Jordin Sparks concert at the Scera Shell. We got season tickets and have been enjoying all the fun concerts and plays. Anyway, I was never a Jordin Sparks fanatic or anything, (I liked Melinda Doolittle that season of Idol) but I liked her in concert. She is a cute girl, very nice, with some incredible vocals! I like her more now that I've seen her live. I actually might go and buy her CD now. The week has been so fun so far, lots of activities, and we still have Maddux's dance group who will be performing in the parade on Saturday to look forward to. What kind of mom would let their child play in this disgustingly dirty fountain? Oh, that would be me.

What kind of mom would let their son climb up on the fence where the goats are kept? Oh, that would be me.

Shea and Landry

Steffanie and Harrison
Brandi, Jessica, Darci, Julie, and Jordyn. My fun neighbors!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Manti Pageant

This weekend we loaded up Carl the Pirate, (our trailer that Maddux named) and headed down to Manti for the Mormon Miracle Pageant. I hadn't been to the pageant in about ten years, so it was fun to go down with my family. We stayed at a campground in Mt. Pleasant and enjoyed living the simple life for a couple of days. We were right across the street from the city park, and we enjoyed the little malt and shake shops and the old time drive-in movie theater. We also visited the cemetery that my grandpa Hughes and great grandpa Hughes were buried in. I hadn't been there since I was a child and it brought back memories of going there with my dad.

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day was wonderful! After church we went to Casey's dad's house for a BBQ. Grandma and Grandpa Hansen have been ill for the past nine months, and haven't been able to get out much, but they were able to come up for the BBQ and we really enjoyed spending time with them. The kids and I made "TOP POP" awards for Casey and the grandpas. We put poptarts, popcorn, popsicles, tootsie pops, and soda pop in some bowls and wrapped them up with cellophane and raffia! I have this joke that you can make anything look cute with raffia! I never wrap gifts, I just tie raffia around the gift! Slight tangent about raffia, back to father's day now. I made Casey a slide show set to music that he has mentioned reminds them of his kids, the slide show consisted of pictures with him and the kids and it turned out really cute. Casey is such a wonderful dad. He is ALWAYS spending quality time with our kids and they all adore him. He takes the girls for movie date nights with dad, and is always playing outside with them, jumping on the tramp, or practicing baseball and golf with them. He loves to take them to do fun things, but is great at teaching them to work and earn priveleges. We all love him dearly, and I am grateful that he is the ideal DAD! Here are some pictures of Casey holding each of the kids the day they were born.

Orem Summerfest

Every year my family goes to the Orem Summerfest which fell on June 14th. This year we went with my cousin Tyrel and his wife Amber up to Strawberry Reservoir for the day and the kids fished and caught frogs. Good times! That night we went to the Summerfest for the night parade and fireworks. Casey loves going for the Navajo Taco stand, and I must admit, I don't blame him, they are AWESOME! Here are a few pictures of us enjoying that Saturday.

Being a Landlord kinda Stinks!

We have a twinhome that we rent out in Santaquin, and recently our tenant moved out. We went in to clean and about died! It was so filthy disgustingly dirty, and it has taken us the past two weeks of cleaning, repainting, recarpeting, weeding, scrubbing boogers, fly guts, and dirt off walls, pressure washing, etc.... to get the home looking good again. That is one of the reasons I have posted in awhile. My internet was down the past week as well. Anyway, our new tenants just moved into a "like new" twin home, and we are praying they will take care of it! After working at the court house and seeing eviction cases, I vowed I would never do the landlord thing, and here we are doing it! Hopefully it will pay off when we sell the place!

New York City!

Casey and his dad had the chance to fly out to New York the first weekend of June. Although Casey is a huge Red Sox fan, he and his dad wanted to go to a ball game at Yankee stadium before they tear it down. He also had the chance to see the Statue of Liberty and Central Park, along with a few broadway shows.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Flashback Friday!

I thought that this Friday we could all take a flash back to the good ol' photo booth days! There was this convenience/drug store in the University Mall back in the day with a photo booth that cost $1 for four pictures. Anyone that came with me to the mall was pretty much required to go take goofy pictures in the photo booth with me. The picture with Mitsy is hilarious! She was two and I was ten and I was so frustrated because I spent my $1 to get pictures with her and she sat and cried. I wouldn't let her go and I just kept smiling away. The picture with my cousin Natalie was taken when we were about 13, she has 5 kids now, it is hard to believe how time flies. My family had the chance to go to dinner with her family while she was in town this week and it was a blast. The other pictures are between 9th grade and 11th grade with my best friends growing up, Erin, Kate, and Shea!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Max World- The Jonas Brothers

We are driving down the street and a teenage boy with brown puffy curly hair is walking down the street. Maddux starts getting all excited yelling out the window, "MOM, MOM!! Look, I found the Jonas Brother!" For those of you who don't know who the Jonas Brothers are you are obviously not cool and up to date on the Disney Channel boy band. I, on the other hand, am a Disney Channel geek mom who loves all the teeny bopper shows, expecially "That's so Raven" and "Hannah Montana". I am definitely cool.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Flashback Friday!

My cute friend Joy does these flashback Fridays and I think they are fun so here is my first flashback. I wanted to flashback to Rick's college days because I recently found my roommate Jan's blog, and we had so much fun at Ricks. So here are some flashback pictures to Ricks 1994 dedicated to Jammin' Jan. Roommates: Hollie, Jan, Natalie (my cousin), Angi, and Adrienne!

The Sugar Boyz- Tonks, Bob, Curt, Karl, and Zaugg

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was Monday, and I was spoiled! Ryllie made me a pretty (pretty crazy) bead necklace and a card. Casey bought me a treadmill! I am sooo excited, I've been wanting one forever, and have been wanting to get back in shape. It is sweet with a fan, and a TV, I am loving it already. He also took me to Chef's Table for dinner and to a movie. We had a great time. I love birthdays because I don't have to cook or clean! Ees da best! I love it! (I'm trying to write this so you read it like Nacho Libre. Did it work?) Here's a cute picture of my kids on my birthday.-

Hadlie's new trick

So, I don't know quite how to do the whole video thing yet, so here is some pictures of Hadlie doing her new spitting trick. Anybody know how to spell the sound effects? Something like ppplllbbbffppllbb. Ha ha! Just try to imagine what that sounds like and that is Hadlie's new trick!

End of School Slumber Party!

Casey had gone with the boyscouts for a campout, so I told the girls they could have a sleepover. Cousins Jordyn & Leah, and friends Hallee and Hailey came over. They watched movies, ate icecream and popcorn, and at 9pm decided to run through the sprinklers that had turned on in the front yard. I thought it was pretty funny, sounds like something I would have done when I
was a kid.

Ryllie's Kindergarten Graduation!

Ryllie & Mrs. Burk

Ryllie loved her first year of school. Her teacher Mrs. Burk was fabulous, and she met many new friends! I wish I could have been more involved with her class, but with my younger kids it wasn't going to work. The room mother asked me if I could bring some punch for the graduation, and as I was sitting there listening to the teachers talk I panicked! Yes, I forgot the punch! So I frantically grabbed Max, Cy, & Hadlie and we ran to the nearest gas station and got back within 10 minutes, just as the program was ending! I have become so forgetful! So I missed half the program, but at least everyone was hydrated. The dance festival was also a lot of fun. Ryllie loved performing for all the parents.

Cy & Best Friend Nate

Maddux dancing to Mr. C and the slide..."everybody clap their hands!"