Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scofield Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Memorable Moments of Memorial Day weekend in Scofield-
1- Great Company! Clark's, Olsen's, Lundberg's, and my dad!

2- Thanks to the Clark's we really rough it and get to watch outdoor movies around the campfire, it is so much fun!

3- The absolute most memorable moment was when Ryllie shot out the Clark's window with her bb gun. Casey and I probably went a little overboard when we scolded her, but she definitely learned her lesson on the importance of gun safety.

4- The Reich's were staying in their family cabin in town, and let us come up for a bit and play on their playground and visit. We sure love the Reich's, can't ever get enough of them. Sorry guys, you're stuck with us!

4- The kids had so much fun playing and getting dirty all weekend. They especially loved riding the 4 wheelers with River.
5- Let us not forget the memorable moment of when Casey buried the front of the trailer!!! lol

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